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Sunday Setlists – September 27

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sunday_setlist_2 Another Sunday morning has come and gone.  This is my addition to the     Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival over at

We had a really great time of Praise and Worship this morning at Metro Christian Fellowship!  I love that we can freely come together and shout praises to our King.  It is so much fun to worship Him, but it is even more fun to worship Him together as one body.

We opened with two up tempo songs, both in the key of D.
1. Majestic (Brewster)
2. O Taste and See (Brian & Jenn Johnson)
These are both great songs that Declare the goodness and glory of the Lord.  I love songs like these and they went together very nicely.

We do communion of the fourth Sunday of the month at Metro, so today was a Sunday that we celebrated that.  We did the new Matt Maher song “Rembrance” to prepare our hearts for that.  I know it is on the new Matt Redman record, but if you haven’t heard Matt Maher’s version of it you should check it out.  I have really grown to love it!

We ended our time of Communion with “Nothing But the Blood” (Redman)  It is just a classic.  Always easy to engage with.
Then, we finished with “Revelation Song” (Riddle)  I love this song and it is so powerful.  Something awesome happens when you join with the worship that is happening in Heaven right now.  I can’t explain it, but I love it!

Thanks for checking out our set.  I would love to hear any feedback you have for me.  Feel free to reply.



n103089316417_9331Last week my wife Rachel and I were in Houston, Texas attending Israel Houghton’s Deeper Level Conference.    We were asked to come so that Rachel could accept a Legacy Award for her dad, Keith Green.  This was really an exciting thing for us as Rachel has never done anything like this by herself before.  Usually her mom is with her and doing the speaking.  We were very excited, but not sure what to expect. We weren’t sure what the conference would be like or what to expect, but I am happy to say that is exceeded our every expectation.  There obviously was awesome worship, but even that was more powerful than I was prepared for.  The Presence of the Lord was so strong.  It was so nice to just be able to sing and Worship.  Being a Worship Pastor there is usually so much preparation before a time of singing Worship.  It was really awesome to not be involved in all of the details but just enjoy His love and presence.
Israel Houghton is passionate about followers of Christ getting involved in the area of Social Justice.  This is a theme that was spoken about a lot during the conference.  I started to think about Rachel’s dad and all of the things he was passionate about.  He was all about putting your faith in action.  He knew the Bible said to take care of the poor and that is what he did.  He spoke out frequently about Christians getting out of the pews and getting their feet wet simply doing the things that the Bible commanded that we do.  He didn’t just write about not compromising, but he lived his life that way!  He still challenges me today in my ministry and in my walk with the Lord.
As I thought about the conference and I thought about Rachel’s dad, I started putting two and two together.  I thought it was so fitting that they would want to honor Rachel’s dad at a conference where social justice was a main theme, when that was so much of what he himself was passionate about!
Rachel and I were so blessed to be a part of the Deeper Level conference.  Everyone involved made us feel so welcome.  I couldn’t believe their wonderful hospitality.  They are the real deal and I am so happy to have crossed paths with them.
I have posted some pictures below.  I hope you enjoy them.  Please feel free to post any comments!

To God be the Glory!

Rachel Israel, Rachel and BobbyRachel and Bobby

Photos © ColemanArt 2009

Sunday Setlists September 13

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sunday_setlist_2 We are already half way through the month of September!  I can’t believe it.
I know as everyone says as you get older time speeds up, I totally feel that.  2009 is just flying by.  All that to say here is another installment of Sunday Setlists.  This is my addition to the Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival.

We had a Great service this past Sunday at Metro Christian Fellowship.  It was one of those Sunday’s where everything clicked and you know it was beyond you.  Here is our set from the service

I am Free (Egan)

Dancing Generation (Redman)

Remembrance (Maher)

The Stand (Houston)

During “I am Free” I took a minute and encouraged our congregation with some passages from Mark that backed up the Lord setting people free from blindness, deafness, and other things that are keeping people in bondage.  I then prayed that over our people and declared that if the Son has set them free, the are free indeed.  This really helped the people engage with the song and really set a tone for the rest of the service.

This is the first time I have ever done “The Stand”.  It went over really awesome!  As we were singing the big chorus at the end of the song I asked people to raise their hands just as a sign of surrender.  That we are really giving our all to the One who gave it all.  It was a really powerful moment.

Our pastor spoke on being obedient in surrendering our lives to the Lord.  It is not ours anyway and so we need to be willing to give away what he is asking, be that finances, dreams, people, whatever.  It tied in beautifully to the things I was sensing during worship.  We had not talked about it and I wish I could say that happens all of the time, but it is a rare thing when the whole service just naturally ties together like that.  It was an awesome little touch from Heaven and I loved it!

Please feel free to leave any comments.  I would love to hear your thoughts.
To God Alone Be The Glory!


It is great to be back participating in the Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival. I was on Vacation with my family last week to Colorado Springs.  We had an awesome time of visiting friends and resting.  It was also great to have a week off from leading worship and all that goes with that.  It was really refreshing to get to show up at a church and just worship.  No distractions, nothing else pulling my focus, just sing praises to the King.  It was awesome!  At the same time, I missed my home church and couldn’t wait to get back and be with them.  So I was back to day and it is always good to be home.

This was our set this morning:

Magnify the Lord – Taylor/Wolstenholme

Let God Arise – Tomlin and crew

Mighty to Save – Fielding/Morgan

For You Are Good – Taylor/Wolstenholme

How He Loves – McMillan

We had a little trouble when we started practice.  I arrived to find the soundboard and all of the amps turned on.  They had been on for at least 24 hrs and the board was unlocked.  The gain structure on the board was completely messed up.  I am not sure who messed with it, but it really complicated things.  It took quite a while just to get it back to a decent place, but it never did get back to normal.

I know you all know this, but that is when it is really hard on a Sunday morning.  That kind of stuff is so distracting and I don’t feel like I ever got my focus back in the right place.  I pray that my lack of focus wasn’t distracting to others.

Even with that, it was still great to be back at Metro this morning.  I love my church and I am so thankful that the Lord has set us there!  I am so blessed!

In Him,