Sunday Setlists-September 6

Posted: September 6, 2009 in Sunday Setlists
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It is great to be back participating in the Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival. I was on Vacation with my family last week to Colorado Springs.  We had an awesome time of visiting friends and resting.  It was also great to have a week off from leading worship and all that goes with that.  It was really refreshing to get to show up at a church and just worship.  No distractions, nothing else pulling my focus, just sing praises to the King.  It was awesome!  At the same time, I missed my home church and couldn’t wait to get back and be with them.  So I was back to day and it is always good to be home.

This was our set this morning:

Magnify the Lord – Taylor/Wolstenholme

Let God Arise – Tomlin and crew

Mighty to Save – Fielding/Morgan

For You Are Good – Taylor/Wolstenholme

How He Loves – McMillan

We had a little trouble when we started practice.  I arrived to find the soundboard and all of the amps turned on.  They had been on for at least 24 hrs and the board was unlocked.  The gain structure on the board was completely messed up.  I am not sure who messed with it, but it really complicated things.  It took quite a while just to get it back to a decent place, but it never did get back to normal.

I know you all know this, but that is when it is really hard on a Sunday morning.  That kind of stuff is so distracting and I don’t feel like I ever got my focus back in the right place.  I pray that my lack of focus wasn’t distracting to others.

Even with that, it was still great to be back at Metro this morning.  I love my church and I am so thankful that the Lord has set us there!  I am so blessed!

In Him,


  1. I really like the “How He Loves” song! How did you use it – as a special, or congregational song?

    • metrobobby says:

      Hey Barry,
      We did it a couple of weeks ago as a special and got some great feedback. People really wanted to do it again. So this week it fit with the sermon so I did it as a part of our normal worship. You’re right, it is a great song, but I have held it for a while because I wasn’t sure exactly how to use it.

  2. Dan Cogan says:

    Bobby, I love “Let God Arise”.

    I know exactly how you feel about the board being messed up. Our Sunday evening gathering is in the Westport Coffee House Theater and other groups use that space throughout the week, so it’s different EVERY time we arrive!

    Can’t wait to get you back in the studio soon to lay down some more phat beats.

  3. HL McConnell says:

    I so understand 🙂 Well put together set.

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