Sunday Setlists – September 27

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

sunday_setlist_2 Another Sunday morning has come and gone.  This is my addition to the     Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival over at

We had a really great time of Praise and Worship this morning at Metro Christian Fellowship!  I love that we can freely come together and shout praises to our King.  It is so much fun to worship Him, but it is even more fun to worship Him together as one body.

We opened with two up tempo songs, both in the key of D.
1. Majestic (Brewster)
2. O Taste and See (Brian & Jenn Johnson)
These are both great songs that Declare the goodness and glory of the Lord.  I love songs like these and they went together very nicely.

We do communion of the fourth Sunday of the month at Metro, so today was a Sunday that we celebrated that.  We did the new Matt Maher song “Rembrance” to prepare our hearts for that.  I know it is on the new Matt Redman record, but if you haven’t heard Matt Maher’s version of it you should check it out.  I have really grown to love it!

We ended our time of Communion with “Nothing But the Blood” (Redman)  It is just a classic.  Always easy to engage with.
Then, we finished with “Revelation Song” (Riddle)  I love this song and it is so powerful.  Something awesome happens when you join with the worship that is happening in Heaven right now.  I can’t explain it, but I love it!

Thanks for checking out our set.  I would love to hear any feedback you have for me.  Feel free to reply.


  1. elektra says:

    Can I be MetroElektra? lol! JK this is cool…

  2. jim drake says:

    Bobby–thanks for the comment on my post
    I’ve just heard the Maher “Remembrance” song–I love it and will use it for our next communion time.

    Great set list today!

  3. daniel john says:

    awesome – my wife was just playing that song for me this week and telling me we should use that during/setting-up communion. great to see someone already doing that and cool set too!

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