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Sunday Setlists – Oct. 18

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Sunday Setlists

I decided to post a short video today of one of the songs we did.  We introduced this song last week, and I am so proud of our team.  I wanted all of you to be able to see what they do!

Here is our set from Sunday.
The First and the Last – Houston/Morgan
Hosanna – Baloche/Brown
Indescribable – Story
Let It Rain – Farren

We also did something really fun today.  Some of our youth put together a drama to the Lifehouse song “Everything”.  They did an awesome job!! I will have a video posted later this week.  Stay tuned.

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sunday_setlist_2So I am exhausted!  We had a young adult retreat this weekend at Metro. My wife Rachel and I were on the leadership team for the retreat.  We had a wonderful time and a lot of fun.  We left the retreat early so I could be at church this morning, but we still didn’t get home until around Midnight.  All that to say, I am tired!

Worship went great this morning though.  The Lord is always faithful and in our weakness, He is strong.    Here is the song list we did this morning at Metro Christian Fellowship.

The First and The Last (Houston, Morgan) first time doing this song.  LOVE IT!
Your Grace is Enough (Maher, Tomlin)
Famous One (Tomlin, Giglio) Haven’t done this one in a long time, but it was really nice to pull it out again.
In Christ Alone (Townend) We do the Matt Papa version.  Really cool.
For You are Good (Taylor/Wolstenholme)

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Sunday Setlists – October 4th

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Hello all!  Thank you so much for checking in on what we did at Metro this past Sunday.  If you would like to check out what other worship leaders are doing around the world, please check out Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival!

Have you ever had one of those Sundays where you show up for service, you have your song list, you have your charts printed, MediaShout is all set up, but you still don’t feel like you have it together?  That was me yesterday.  Everything was lined up, but I just didn’t feel like I had any direction or leaning from the Lord. Usually by Sunday morning I have an idea of a theme or a scripture that the Lord is laying on my heart, but yesterday I had nothing.

We began our rehearsal and the songs were coming together nicely, but I still didn’t really have any direction.  I told the team to just be ready for anything.  I wasn’t sure where we were going but I knew that the Lord was in control and He is faithful!

As we began singing the very first song, I began to feel His presence in a very real, tangible way. As we began to raise our voices together in praise, He began to move.  When we did the song “Came To My Rescue” I felt like we were to just take some time of reflection.  We just played the music for a while and I invited the people to have some personal time with the Lord.  To release those burdens and things that are holding us down.  Allow Him to Come to our Resue!  As we took time to wait on the Lord I felt Him call us to ask for prayer for healing.  So we gathered around people who need a physical touch from the Lord and we asked and believed for their healing!  It was so powerful and the presence of God was so strong.  I haven’t heard any testimonies of healing yet, but I believe that He is my Healer!

It was just a wonderful time to be with His people and experience His presence.  Here is the setlist from the service.

Magnify the Lord (Taylor/Wolstenholme)
O Taste and See (Brian & Jenn Johnson)
Our God Saves (Baloche,Brown)
Came to my Rescue (Sampson,Thomas,Davies)
The Stand (Houston)

Our church also just launched a new website.  It is geared for first-time visitors who are wondering if this is a place they might fit in.  Feel free to check it out!

In Christ Alone,