God is Love

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Worship
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I want to give a brief illustration, one that has been told many time, But I saw it first hand yesterday and I feel like it is a good reminder to us all.  I was at a garage sale and I was picking up this old, beat up hutch.  The handles were falling off, the veneer was peeling, there were water stains all over the top.  It looked like a piece of trash.  But this lady walked up to me and said oh my, what a beautiful piece of furniture.  The grain is amazing.  You know with a little sanding this could look absolutely beautiful.  I know it cracked and peeling in some places, but you can just leave that just like it is.  It adds so much character.
So I took it home and I started stripping that old varnish away, and as I did it was like I was wiping away 60 years of abuse, 60 years of mistreatment.  All of the stains started to disappear.  The wood started to look as if it was brand new.  I could begin to see the potential.
I believe with all my heart that God sees us the way that lady saw the hutch.  He sees what we could be, if we would only allow Him to wash us clean and wipe our stains away.  He wants to do that for His.  He stepped down off of His throne in Heaven and walked this Earth to be crucified so that we might have life everlasting.  It that one moment where He said “It is finished”  He proved to us how He sees you and me.
So with that in mind, I can say Yes! God has been so good to me.  The circumstances around me may stink right now, but God is so good.  These things happening right now are just those things that add character. Like it says in James 1.
So this today I say, I love you Lord, because you first loved me.


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