He’ll Take Care of the Rest

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I heard an author speaking recently about men and our feelings of inadequacy when a challenge is brought to us that is bigger than what we think we can handle.  It seems that many times we, both men and women, will be blocked by our feelings of inadequacy and not rise to the challenge at all. Often times we don’t take the first step because we aren’t sure how we are going to accomplish step 3 or 4.  I have seen this play out many times in my life.  I want to do something that is big, something that is beyond me and many times I don’t even do what I can do because I am afraid of the parts I can’t do.

The speaker addressed this issue in a way that I have never heard before.  He talked about the story in the Bible where Jesus feeds the 5000.  In the story there was a great multitude of people and the disciples wanted Jesus to send them away because the hour was late and it was a desolate place.  They wanted to people to be able to go and buy themselves some food to eat.  Jesus had a different idea and said to the disciples, “You feed them.”  So the guys go out and gathered what they could.  Five loaves and two fish.  Now, anyone knows that this is not enough food to even feed the disciples, let alone the crowd.  But the disciples did what Jesus asked them to do and they brought him what they had.  They knew it was inadequate but they brought it anyway.  They could have easily not followed through on the first step because they were unsure of the second and third steps, but they didn’t!  They followed through and brought their inadequacies to Jesus.  He then took it and multiplied it.  They brought what they had because they knew that he would take care of the rest.

This spoke to me loud and clear.  When we have dreams that are bigger than us, let’s bring what we have to Him.  No matter how small with think our part is. Let’s let Him take care of the rest.

  1. kansasbob says:

    “They knew it was inadequate but they brought it anyway.”

    Gotta love that!

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