About Bobby Taylor

dsc00167Bobby Taylor is the Worship Pastor at Metro Christian Fellowship in Kansas City, MO.  He has been married to his beautiful wife Rachel since August of 2004.  They have three wonderful children.  Jaxon, Asher and Nyah.

Bobby grew up in a small town in Central Illinois.  His parents are believers and his dad is now the Pastor of the Church he grew up in.  When Bobby was 18 years old he moved to Nashville Tennessee where he attended Belmont University.  He graduated in 2003 with a degree in Music.

Bobby has a heart to Pastor and Disciple young musicians and artists in the local Church.  He feels incredibly blessed that the Lord has opened this door for him!

  1. Cari Johnson Mahaffey says:

    Hey Bob! Glad to see that the Lord is using you in such powerful ways. Your church is really blessed to have you leading them in worship. Your family picture is adorable. Hope you, Rachel and the boys are all doing great!


  2. cheri says:

    I think it is wonderful what you are doing…it is the perfect job for you. You were, and I’m sure still are, very easy to talk with and I remember having some great conversations. You know the kind of conversation, you can talk about anything and not end up having a political debate…just a conversation.

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